Fairy Mission to find Stripe


Stripe is a fast-flying Fairyland bug. She has been sneaked out of Fairyland by goblins. The fairy family (mum, dad, and their three daughters Moonbeam, Star and Firestar) are on a mission to reunite her with the Fairy King.


To accomplish this mission, the fairies must leave Fairyland, and adventure into the human world to rescue Stripe. However, Stripe's magic powers are fading fast... can the fairies find Stripe before she is too weak to fly back to Fairyland? 


"Fairy Mission to find Stripe" was written by Lydia when she was 5 years old. 


The book is an organic product that started when Lydia made a fairy garden in a few pots at the bottom of the garden... Lydia created characters and props to go with the garden, and through role-play she developed the storyline for "Fairy Mission to find Stripe".


The finished story is unedited from Lydia's original narration, leaving the writing vibrant and magical as it captures her child's world-view and imagination. 


Lydia played a core part in illustrating "Fairy Mission to find Stripe", using sketching, colouring, and photography to design the pages. 

The finished illustration is unique as it integrates 2D (pen and water colour) and 3D (clay, mixed-media, & photography) images. 


The original narration and illustration in "Fairy Mission to find Stripe" makes it a fun and interactive read between children and adults, and serves as a platform to extended play and creative activities. 


Lydia has e-published "Fairy Mission to find Stripe" on Amazon and iTunes to raise money for BBC Children in Need. 



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