Fairy Mission to find Dottie

Fairy Mission to find Dottie is co-written and illustrated by Lydia and Kaitlyn. 


Dottie, a Royal Fairyland bug is sneaked out of Fairyland by goblins. The fairy family (Mum, Dad, Moonbeam, Star, Firestar) go on a mission to rescue Dottie and bring her back to the Fairyland Queen.


The fairies encounter a sticky slug and a scary storm during their search... will they be able to find Dottie before she is lost forever? 


The illustration in "Fairy Mission to find Dottie" is original as it also integrates 2D and 3D images. The 2D artwork consists of pen, watercolour, and mixed media illustrations.  Lydia and Kaitlyn have designed the pictures and pages, and helped colour in the fairies, backgrounds, and have added decorations and textures. 


The 3D illustration is done by the girls modelling the characters and props out of clay. This modelling experience also helped the girls to decide the character’s personalities and storyline.  The characters and props were then arranged in scenes and photographed. The 3D illustration also combines other mixed media such as painted stones and paper mache. 


The duality of illustration makes the book interactive and fosters a family approach to reading, encouraging greater conversation between children and adults as the story is read. 


Because Fairy Mission stories are written by young children, they naturally connect with other children through language and flow. Lydia and Kaitlyn have designed the characters- how they look, colours, and their personalities. Much of the story’s development occurred organically through role-play, and the the books have a fluid, playful core to them- something that cannot always be captured in adult writing because of the difference in perspectives. 


Although young children (like Kaitlyn and Lydia) may not be able to write completely independently, they can create incredible story ideas, which they can express and voice.  In a field dominated by adults writing children’s stories, Kaitlyn and Lydia aim to have the ideas and voices of younger children heard within their own rights. 


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